Development Services

We develop your applications! Our comprehensive know-how in many different fields of hard-, soft- and firmware development finds the ideal solution for your demands. We provide our customers and partners with full development packages as needed, e.g:

  • Gathering of the requirements for a project or product
  • Creation of the architecture of the system
  • Creation of the detailed specification
  • Concept and development of PC applications
  • Concept and development of device firmware
  • Concept and development of entire systems
  • Creation of test cases
  • Performing of module tests
  • Performing of system tests
  • Project management incl. coordination of the participating internal and/or external developers
  • IEEE1394 (FireWire, iLink) software and solutions
  • see also: Technologies

Simply send an e-mail with your requirements or questions to:

Development Tools

We are using web-based development tools for all phases of the development. All of these development tools are hosted in Austria and maintained by ourselves:s:

  • Repository with version control for the maintaining of documents and sources
  • Ticket system for the collection and tracking of tasks and efforts
  • Test management system for the creation, running and documentation of tests
  • Cloud for the secure exchange of large amounts of data

During the realization of projects, we will of course also provide you with the necessary access to the required development tools if required!
Likewise, we also can use your development tools for the development if you provide us with the necessary access.

CMS X-Tools

We are your partner for the use of CMS X-Tools from Siemens! We support you with e.g.:

  • Development of additional analyzing functions
  • Integration of additional data sources
  • Engineering of CMS X-Tools
  • Customized training courses for CMS X-Tools

Simply send an e-mail with your requirements or questions to: