The 3D Object

Are you looking for a fancy present or a special wrapping?
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You can find many different options to creatively gift yourself or others, e.g. with 3D printed present boxes or decorative articles.
With our article configurator you can personalize almost every article e.g. by putting your custom text onto the object in order to individually configure your favourite object with ease.
Many of our products can be produced in different variants, sizes and materials. Do not hesitate to contact us to get informed about all possible customizations and variants adapted to your ideas.
We wish you a lot of fun choosing from our range of goods, gifting them to others or just keeping them for yourself.

Since 2021

Siemens AG - CMS X-Tools

We develop an IEEE1394-based measurement- and diagnoses system with the Siemens AG in Germany:
CMS X-Tools provides decentralized I/O-nodes which are interconnected and connected to the PC via IEEE1394, Ethernet or other interfaces. With sample intervals of up to 192 kHz per channel, data is sent from the I/O-nodes to the PC. Thereby the Pionsys® 1394 Device-API is used for the entire communication with up to 62 I/O-nodes at the same time.
In addition to our IEEE1394-specific know-how, we coordinate the software development and perform the technical project management of the CMS X-Tools project, including the coordination of the interfaces between hard- and software modules of the whole system.

Since 2002

Fraunhofer IPMS - MOEMS

Fraunhofer IPMS holds the top position in the field of research and development of Micro-Opto-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MOEMS) in Europe. Both monolithically integrated components and complete systems are developed. A very important area of their work are integrated micro mechanical mirror arrays. Applications like high-dynamic, programmable masks in DUV-lithography and optical wave-front correction in adaptive optics can be covered by different kinds of micro mirrors.
For these MOEMS devices, control boards and PC based control applications have been developed. The high speed data transfer between PC and MOEMS board is realized by using IEEE1394 and a proprietary protocol. On the MOEMS side, the IEEE1394 protocol stack of Fraunhofer IPMS is used. The PC application has been successfully coded with the Pionsys® 1394 Device-API.

Since 2003

Automated Device Tests

We develop application specific software for automated tests of IEEE1394 devices. Our software solutions are being used both for final inspections of components before their delivery as well as for partial tests during the development and production.
Depending on the respective requirements, our software solutions are generally based on the Pionsys® 1394 Bus-API or on the Pionsys® 1394Devolyzer.
Due to the flexibility and the wide range of our solutions, device tests of all kinds are performed within smallest expenditure of time. Simultaneously the quality of production is kept on a constant level and is traceably logged.

Since 2003