Fraunhofer IPMS

We are partner of the Fraunhofer Institute of Photonic Microsystems (FhG IPMS) in Germany:
The Fraunhofer IPMS accomplishes customer specific developments in the fields of microelectronic and micro-systems technology. Their mission is to assist their business partners to convert innovative ideas into new products. Approximately 150 scientists work to solve customer specific problems in the following areas:

  • circuit design
  • sensors and sensor systems
  • micro-mechanical actuators and actuator systems
  • light modulating micro-systems
  • organic materials and systems
  • image processing
  • data transmission via IEEE1394

IEEE1394 products and services of Fraunhofer IPMS are mainly targeted towards embedded applications. Standard products include an IEEE1394 evaluation board called IPMS COMET 1394 and software source code licenses for a basic IEEE1394 protocol stack as well as transport protocols like IIDC (DCAM), SBP-2, and AV/C. Main business is the development of customer specific solutions that include IEEE1394 technology for data.

Since 2002